Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do your own work yourself

We love to give orders. From morning to night, we are giving different types of orders to our near and dear ones including our parents. We want that all will follow my orders and nothing else. But, when others are asking me to do something, my attitude is negative. This is the daily picture in our family life.

From this moment, try to do your own work yourself. Do not give any orders to anyone. Train your mind to be self-sufficient. This is one of the good qualities of human character. Do your all work and at the same time serve more to your old parents and junior brothers and sisters. As a Youngman, why will we give orders to anyone? God has given us physical strength and mental energy. Why will we depend on others? Why will we take the services of others? Build a positive mind from the early childhood to serve more to others rather taking services from others.

I have seen many teenagers who are fully dependant on their parents. The father is taking them to the tuition daily on his bike; the mother is washing their school uniform and Cades. Most of the school-going students are unable to arrange their school bag or cover their books and exercise copies properly without the help of their parents. Even they do not know how to fill up an application form, how to fill up a Railway Reservation Slip, how to fill up the pay-in-slip or withdrawal slips of banks, how to fill up the Money Order form etc.

Learning is a continuous process. There is no end of learning. Try to learn all with an open mind from the early childhood. From the early childhood, take care of all your belongings. Arrange your books and copies in your study table properly and neatly. Cover properly your all books and copies in your own hand. On every Sunday, wash your garments and school uniform and Cades in your own hand. Learn how to press the garments. On every Sunday, clean your own bicycle in your own hand. Help your parents in domestic work as far as possible. Go to the market and purchase some commodities for your home. You will be acquainted with the prices of different commodities in the market, which are gradually increasing. Then only you can try to control your family wastage. At the same time, as a student, you must learn your study materials properly to make your academic foundation strong.

A story

Place: A Railway station in Bengal
Time: Evening

A passenger train was slowly entering in a station. `Porter, Porter` - A Youngman was shouting from the window. But, at that time there was no porter in the platform. A middle-aged person with a simple dress was standing in the platform near the train. He proceeded to the door of the train. The Youngman gave his light luggage treating him as a porter. When both of them crossed the area of Railway platform, the Youngman asked the middle-aged person about the portarage. The person said, `I am not a porter. My name is Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar. My dear son, when you are able to carry this light luggage, why are you asking help from someone? Do your own work yourself. `

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learn from parents and seniors

t is our general tendency to disobey our seniors. We are not ready to accept or respect them. We are not ready to follow their instructions. We think, our decision is enough. In our family life also, we disobey our parents and other senior members of our family. Even we do not show the courtesy in our daily life. Being a highly educated person, we think our knowledge is superior to our parents and seniors. We are passing a very busy life! We are not helping our parents in the domestic works.  Both of them are toiling hard from the early morning and as a son or daughter, we are watching this as a spectator.

Try to learn from seniors. Obey them. Respect them. They have enough and long experiences. They are the old soldiers, who are still fighting in the battlefield of samsara. Pay respect to their long experiences. You may have some academic degrees in your bag, but experiences are totally different thing. As we are older day by day, we are gaining different types of experiences. Learn from these experiences, as experiences are our teacher.
For learning anything from anyone, an open mind with willing to learn is necessary.

When you are going to take any decision in your life, ask your parents or seniors for their valuable suggestions. Your parents or seniors are always pray welfare for you. They will give you correct suggestion. If it is not according to your choice, you can use your own analysis power. But, obedience must be there. If you want to make your home a sweet home, you must be obedient. What we are observing nowadays? In our own family, there is unrest and unhappiness. We may have management degrees but we are unable to apply the theories of management in our own family.

The first condition is obedience. When my father is telling me to go the vegetable market, my first duty is to go the market. When my mother is asking for a glass of water, my first duty is to give her a glass of water. No excuse. First, train your mind to be obedient. The result will come. If you want peace in your life, the blessings of your parents and seniors are necessary.

Learning is a continuous process. We must learn from the life of our parents and seniors. We can enrich our knowledge from their long experiences. Best result will come through the experiences of seniors plus the enthusiasm of juniors. 

`Knowing that mother and father are the visible representatives of God, the householder, always and by all means, must please them.
If the mother is pleased, and the father, God is pleased with the man.
That child is really a good child
who never speaks harsh words to his parents.`

Swami Vivekananda
C.W. 1:43