Thursday, June 30, 2011


There is no end of desire in our life. It is increasing day by day. Literally, we are burning with desire. As soon as one desire fulfills another is alarming.  The desire of my son, the desire of my daughter, the desire of my wife and my own desire all is hammering on my head constantly as I am the head of the family. You can feel my pain, as you are also a passenger in the same train. The gist is: the desires are increasing day by day.

Increasing Desire: The income level of consumers has increased and as a result, the total demand of the market is increasing day by day. It is a good sign no doubt, but it makes our life restless. We want to purchase more, we want to consume more. Just we go to a nearby ATM, collect money, and go to market. Actually, we are purchasing more than our requirement day after day.

There are different types of desires growing in our mind. The desire for different types of commodities, the desire for money, the desire for name and fame, the desire for happy and peaceful life etc, etc. We are growing day by day and the desires are also growing day by day. There is no end of it. Literally, we are applying fuel in the fire everyday. We know the story of Maharaj Jajati. But, we never learn a lesson from the experiences of Maharaj Jajati and his conclusion.

Use Analysis Power: If we want peace in our life, we have to use our analysis power strongly and positively. As a human being, we have our analysis power to analyze anything.  We use this power rarely.

Positive Desire: Mould your desires in a positive way. We are running behind a golden deer throughout our life. At the end of our journey, we will feel that it is meaningless. Grow positive desire in your mind. Desire for a better life, desire for a perfect human character, desire for a heart that can feel for others. Human life is precious. It is a gift of God. Good and positive desires will make our life happy, peaceful and meaningful. It will also help us to develop both externally and internally. If we have no desires, then there will be no development. Our life will be like an unchanged wall or a simple chair. Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) said:

``what makes us miserable? The cause of all miseries from which we suffer is desire. You desire something, and the desire is not fulfilled; the result is distress. If there is no desire, there is no suffering. But here, too, there is the danger of my being misunderstood. So it is necessary to explain what I mean by giving up desire and becoming free from all misery. The walls have no desire and they never suffer. True, but they never evolve. The chair has no desires, it never suffers; but it is always a chair. There is a glory in happiness, there is a glory in suffering. `` 1

The will is almighty: ``What is the cause of evolution? Desire. The animal wants to do something, but does not find the environment favourable, and therefore develops a new body. Who develops it? The animal itself, its will. You have developed from the lowest amoeba. Continue to exercise your will and it will take you higher still. The will is almighty. If it is almighty, you may say, why cannot I do everything? But you are thinking only of your little self. Look back on yourselves from the state of the amoeba to the human being; who made all that? Your own will. Can you deny then that is almighty? That which has made you come up so high can make you go higher still. What you want is character, strengthening of the will.`` 2

Input – Output Ratio: Generally, we are taking more from the world, from our society and even from our family. But what is our contribution? We have to calculate the ratio. Try to take less and give more to the world.

A prayer for everyday:  `` O Thou Lord of Gauri, O Thou Mother of the Universe, vouchsafe manliness unto me! O thou Mother of Strength, take away my weakness, take away my unmanliness, and make me a Man! `` 3

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Desire to bloom

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Encourage others

Mutual encouragement is highly essential in the present scenario. Your sweet words of encouragement or an inspired letter full of encouragement or just a phone can change the life of your near and dears. It is highly essential in family life also. As a head of the family, you have to encourage your tender kids, your growing children or other members of the family. Encouragement is also indispensable from seniors when you are going to make your life beautiful, want to make your character perfect. All we are struggling in this world to be good and do good. However, generally we are not encouraged by others, especially in our core environment. Some are discouraging some are indifferent. It is very difficult for a person to continue his journey without encouragement who wants to make his life beautiful. Swam Vivekananda said, `Upon ages of struggle a character is built. ` 1

Encourage yourself first: At first we have to encourage ourselves. It is our duty. Always cultivate positive thoughts in your mind. Never allow any negative thoughts or ideas. Shun these like poison. Always think, I have a human life, which is precious. I have a sound body and a sound mind. I can make my life beautiful. I can make my character perfect. I am the maker of my life. I must be an honest citizen of our Motherland. I will manifest my inner potentiality by constant practices. I shall be a MAN.

Encouragement in family life: As a head of the family, you should encourage positively to your tender kids, to your growing children and other members of the family. Remember, you are the leader of your family (please take this in a positive way considering your responsibilities). Take the responsibility of leadership and encourage them by showing the actual path. Build your self-confidence and at the same time try to build the self-confidence of your children. The encouragement from parents can change the life of the children. There are many examples regarding this.

Encouragement in life making process: It is very easy to explain the method of character building. Very easy to give a lecture regarding this or write in the blog. But it is very difficult to make it in practice. Considering the present scenario, life making and character building is a tough job. But it is not impossible. I have seen many young men and women who are trying to make their life beautiful ignoring the Himalayan difficulties. Therefore, it is possible. But encouragement is necessary. Mutual encouragement will help in great way in this field. If we read the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ma Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda, we will see that their lives and teachings are full of encouragements and inspirations. If you read the letters written by Swami Vivekananda or the lectures delivered by him from Colombo to Almora, I am sure you will get encouragement. Because these are full of encouragements and inspirations.

Sources of Encouragement: Sri Ramakrishna said, ``One should always seek the company of holy men. The nearer you approach the Ganges, the cooler the breeze will feel. Again, the nearer you go to a fire, the hotter the air will feel. `` 2

When the company of holy men is not available, please read from Swami Vivekananda. Instantly you will get encouragement. 

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